Dakotaland Feeds, LLC

Our Team

Dakotaland Feeds, LLC, is based in Huron, South Dakota. We are owned by Land O’Lakes Purina Feed, South Dakota Wheat Growers, and North Central Farmers Elevator. Dakotaland Feeds is governed by a Board of Governors and first started business in September 2000.

It is our mission to manufacture and distribute Land O’Lakes feeds to our wholesale network and market feed to producers on a direct basis, both of which were formerly serviced by either SDWG or NCFE. LOL Purina Feed provides formulation, ingredient purchasing, quality assurance, and environmental and safety support and services. SDWG and NCFE offer logistical support and a distribution mechanism second-to-none in South Dakota.

Dakotaland Feeds manufactures a full line of dry feeds and minerals as well as manufacturing liquid supplements. The majority of the feed is distributed in eastern South Dakota and southern North Dakota. Dakotaland Feeds has the advantage of being a small company and therefore able to be responsive in the marketplace, yet has the support of our corporate parents as well.

Dakotaland Feeds opened a grind and mix mill in Herreid, South Dakota in November 2009. This mill supplies complete feed to a basic genetics swine herd and may produce other products in the future.

In August of 2010, Dakotaland Feeds finished its acquisition of Circle K Feed and Grain in Glen Ullin, North Dakota. This acquisition will open up new trade area and will give the producers in that area access to additional products and services.

Dakotaland Feeds has marketed distillers’ co-products since early 2001 and is proud of our heritage of being on the ground floor of feeding distillers grains in South Dakota.

Board of Governors

Rex A. Carlson, Chairman

Jack Madill- Vice Chairman

LOL Purina Feed
1080 County Rd F, MS 5380
Shoreview, MN 55126

Phone: (651) 375-5735
Fax: (651) 226-5156
Cell: (651) 226-5156
e-mail: rcarlson@landolakes.com

MS 5600
LOL Purina Feed
1080 County Rd F, MS 5380
Shoreview, MN 55126

Phone: (651) 375-5517
Fax: (651) 234-8188
Cell: (651) 226-5156
e-mail: jmadi@landolakes.com

Blake Bomesberger

Wallace Knock

South Dakota Wheat Growers
908 Lamont St S
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Phone: (605) 725-8319
Fax: (605) 225-0859
Cell: (605) 216-7556
e-mail: blake.bomesberger@sdwg.com

South Dakota Wheat Growers
19337 421st Ave
Willow Lake, SD 57278

Phone: (605) 625-5541
Fax: (605) 881-2842
Cell: (651) 226-5156
e-mail: k6knock@itctel.com

Mike Nickolas

Phillip Shanley

North Central Farmers Elevator
PO Box 366
Ipswich, SD 57451

Phone: (605) 725-8319
Fax: (605) 426-6161
Cell: (605) 380-6889
e-mail: mnickolas@ncfe.coop

North Central Farmers Elevator
PO Box 168
Warner, SD 57479

Phone: (605) 225-5040
Fax: (605) 225-2855
Cell: (605) 290-3323
e-mail: phillip@nrctv.com

Non Voting Members

Gene Ellenson - Recording Member

Bryan Bauer

Dakotaland Feeds LLC
674 West Park Ave NW
PO Box 157
Huron, SD 57350

Phone: (605) 352-8581
Fax: (605) 352-7660
Cell: (605) 354-3933
e-mail: gene@dakotalandfeeds.com

North Central Farmers Elevator
37302 132nd St
Mina, SD 57451

Phone: (605) 225-6940
Fax: (605) 225-6940
Cell: (605) 216-4085
e-mail: bbauer@abe.midco.net

Dale Locken

Kris Schobert

South Dakota Wheat Growers
908 Lamont St S
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Phone: (605) 725-8301
Fax: (605) 725-3168
Cell: (605) 228-0887
e-mail: dlocken@sdwg.com

Land O Lakes Purina Feed
412 S Yellowstone Dr
Brandon, SD 57005

Phone: (605) 582-3058
Fax: (605) 582-3057
Cell: (605) 212-2575
e-mail: kschobert@landolakes.com