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Sales Force

Easily find the knowledgeable Dakotaland Feeds sales team member assigned to your area. Our sales force go the extra mile, including making on-site visits with farmers and producers, to ensure you receive the products and technical support to meet your needs.

>Roxanne Knock, PhD Staff Nutritionist

Roxanne Knock, PhD Staff Nutritionist

Cell: (605)354-4641

Jess Freeland, Distillers Merchandiser

Cell: (605) 216-5422

Gary Lambert, Purina Animal Nutrition

Cell: (605) 366-5613

Beth Baloun, Feed Consultant

Cell: (605) 871-9896

Garlan Bigge, Feed Consultant

Cell: (605) 350-0291

Russ Schoenefeld, Feed Consultant

Cell: (605) 881-3784

Scott Kilber

Scott Kilber, Agtegra Feed Division Manager

Cell: (605) 380-5262

Shelby Steele-Jung, Feed Consultant

Cell: (605) 228-1944

Kelsey Powell, Feed Consultant

Cell: (605) 931-0194

Eric Tesch, Feed Consultant

Cell: (605) 960-6936

Kelsie Bosch, Feed Consultant

Cell: (701) 301-1119

Leighton Redmond, Feed Consultant

Cell: (605) 848-9070

Kenny Hoffer, Medina Location Manager

Office: (701) 486-3169
Cell: (701) 269-5486

Lance Enget, Purina Animal Nutrition

Cell: (701) 220-5488

Katie Lebrun, Purina Animal Nutrition

Cell: (605) 553-7901

Mark Reindl, Purina Animal Nutrition

Cell: (605) 350-3742

Heather Hilger, Purina Animal Nutrition

Cell: (701) 269-7835

Jerome Kirschenman, Contract Feed Consultant

Cell: (605) 695-0165