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Company Overview

Dakotaland Feeds, L.L.C. is the result of three organizations - Land O’Lakes, South Dakota Wheat Growers and North Central Farmers Elevator – joining together in September 2000 to embark on a venture of manufacturing and distributing Land O’Lakes dry feeds, minerals and liquid supplements to wholesale networks and producers on a direct basis.

Based in Huron, South Dakota, Dakotaland Feeds is owned by Land O’Lakes Purina Animal Nutrition and Agtegra Cooperatives. Land O’Lakes provides formulation, ingredient purchasing, quality assurance and environmental and safety support and services; Agtegra is on hand to offer logistical support and a distribution mechanism second-to-none in the region. The result of these partnerships is positively displayed in Dakotaland Feeds’ profitability and rapid sales growth.

Maintaining a sharp focus on efficiency, Dakotaland Feeds’ business plan has allowed the company to enjoy the advantages of being a small company, and therefore able to be responsive in the marketplace, yet maintain the support of our corporate parents as well. Our sales and support staff stay on top of industry trends and develop partnerships with area businesses, such as ethanol plants, in order to remain our customers’ comprehensive source for information regarding feed manufacturing and distribution.

Dakotaland Feeds’ dedication to providing quality products and great customer service has allowed us to expand over the years. In November 2009, we opened a grind and mix mill in Herreid, South Dakota, to supply complete feed to a basic genetics swine herd, with the plan to produce additional products in the future. We also acquired Diamond W Feeds, which is based in Medina, North Dakota, in early 2018. These additions to the company have allowed us to open up new trade territories and provide producers in those areas access to a wider range of products and technical support.

Dakotaland Feeds has marketed distillers’ co-products since early 2001, and we are proud of our heritage of being on the ground floor of feeding distillers grains in North and South Dakota.