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Dakotaland Feeds provides the best in animal nutrition, including a full line of dry feeds, minerals and liquid supplements. Browse our seasonal and best-selling products, which are updated regularly. Contact us with any questions regarding our line of products.

Ultimate Breeder 8

An 8% phosphorus mineral with the highest quality trace mineral package available. The Availa-4 mineral from Zinpro provides highly available zinc, copper, manganese, and cobalt. Ultimate Breeder also has the research proven level of Diamond V XPC yeast culture to help improve colostrum quality and immune function. Recommended feeding of this product is from 30 days prior to calving until you turn the bulls out. Consumption is 3-4 oz/hd/d. Also available in a no selenium formula and with Rumensin for force feeding.

RL Pro Min 8

This is our standard summer mineral program. It is 8% phosphorus and has a balanced trace mineral profile for the everyday needs of your cattle.

Availa-4 tubs

This is a tub mineral that includes the Availa-4 trace mineral program. At 4% phosphorus, it is adequate phosphorus supplementation. It is a cooked, low moisture tub at 4% moisture. Provide additional salt as the tubs do not contain salt.

Altosid tubs

This is the fly control product for horn flies found on pasture cattle during the summer months. Tubs weigh 225 lbs, allowing you to have a large volume of product available to keep the Altosid in the cattle more consistently for better fly control.

RL Calf Creep

Our fiber-based 14% calf creep pellets to help sustain gains on your calves during the summer months. Available with Bovatec, Aureomycin and Bovatec, or Rumensin.